"I'm just a hack writer spinning whodunnits in the American
pulp fiction tradition."

Relatively new to the literary world, H. P. Oliver is no stranger to writing. After earning his journalism degree from San Jose State University, Oliver spent the next thirty-some years writing award-winning entertainment and educational media.

Seeking new challenges, this accomplished writer is now focusing his creative imagination on historical mysteries. With a particular interest in west coast settings from the 1920s, '30s and '40s, Oliver takes fans on time trips to bygone days with colorful imagery and period dialogue so convincing, readers have a real sense of being in the the era and part of the story. Twisting, turning plots filled with real-life irony further prove Oliver's mastery of traditional mystery writing and are the essence of a style seldom seen since the days of Raymond Chandler and Dashiell Hammett.

While H. P. Oliver makes his home in northern California, he spends much of his time working on projects throughout the western states. Oliver frequently takes added advantage of his time on the road by making side trips to unique historic locations.

He is also a student of the pop culture from the period between the World Wars, particularly the films, popular music and technology--all of which are ingredients frequently found adding color and spice to Oliver's Mysteries in History.

In keeping with his love of history, H. P. Oliver is also passionate about restoring vintage automobiles. In the photo to the right, Oliver and a 1969 Mercury Cougar XR-7 from his collection are seen visiting the California wine country's beautiful Sonoma Valley.