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I enjoyed his writing so much that I bought and read all of his books!

While I normally don't read fiction anymore, after reading my first H. P. Oliver book, I enjoyed his writing so much that I bought and read all of them.

I had become used to Oliver's use of Los Angeles and the surrounding area as a character in his novels, but it is obvious in this thriller that Oliver is as well versed in the organized crime figures in old LA as well. But, his knowledge of music from this period was a welcome surprise. What's not to love, old LA, crime bosses, henchmen, a beautiful lady singer, love and suspense?

One of the things I enjoyed most about Oliver's books is the fantastic description of Los Angeles and surrounding area in the late 1920's through the early 1940's.

Since I have read all the books, I am writing a review of each book, but some of the things I enjoyed about H. P. Oliver's writing will be mentioned again in each review.

~Les Cook

Hollywood, the talkies, and the 'right' guy gets murdered.

I love it when the conniving, mean, malicious, evil person is the murder victim. And I hate it when there is no wrap up of the story--you don't know who did the good dead. This story has a great bad guy and a story that kept me guessing right up to the very end, when Mr Oliver's characters explained it all to me. Don't read the last 10 pages first. If you do, you will miss a great story line and tour through the movie studios of early Hollywood. Mr. Oliver's verbal images are so easy to visualize and it makes reading like going to a color movie.


First Shot Out of the Box!

I didn't realize the music business was so hazardous to one's health! Even the reader is trying to stay one step ahead of the bad guys! HP Oliver has given readers a harrowing ride through the pages of history!

Be sure to check out HP's website for extra goodies to supplement your reading pleasure!

Happy reading!

~Diana S. Johnson (Amazon)

Mystery, history and a story that keeps you turning pages.

The latest historical mystery from H. P. Oliver, And The Angels Sing, starts off with a font (at least on the Kindle app for iPad) that has an appearance from the 40's, a different look that fits the period of the story. The literary descriptions of the clubs and ballrooms, the landmarks and characters are informative and entertaining, creating detailed mental images as I read, reminiscent of a movie from the 40's. The big band era is enjoyable to view from the perspective of insiders, the grind of travel, the sometimes-quirky personalities and demanding work required to entertain the audiences. Within that framework, the gangsters of the era are integrated, culminating in a satisfying conclusion for this reader. I often kept reading this book longer than planned....what happens next? got to find out.

In my opinion, H. P. Oliver is a master of language usage, staying within the historical period, without resorting to excessive profanity some authors might consider while portraying gangsters conducting business. Hey, to Mom's dismay, I can easily cuss with the rest of the crowd at the bar, but it is often more enlightening to read creative writing.

In one chapter, a key character, Teddy, muses, "Phrasing was what music is all about. He knew a dozen piano players' whose technical skills were equal to Jeff's, but none who heard the music in their heads the same way Jeff did. That's what you had to do. You couldn't just play the notes; you had to hear the music in your head." Teddy could have been describing H. P. Oliver's story telling. I felt, reading the book, that HPO lived the book in his mind with clarity and detail and published the experience, not just following a story outline.

An H. P. Oliver trademark is the bonus materials available at the fan website, and once again for ATAS, the images, music and video adds to the enjoyment or understanding of the story. Sometimes I review these materials before I read HPO's books, other times midway through, or interactively flipping to the browser on the iPad while reading a chapter.

If you are not familiar with the music of 1940, consider visiting the "Visualizations" page (H. P. OLIVER HOME > BOOKS > AND THE ANGELS SING VISUALIZATIONS) to listen to key songs from the book, establishing the proper mindset for the period and really bring the club and ballroom scenes to life.

For an enjoyable video synopsis of the story, I suggest a visit to H. P. OLIVER HOME > BOOKS > AND THE ANGELS SING VIDEO.

As portrayed in the ATAS soundtracks, Marion is indeed "a sweet sounding canary!"

~LVReader (Amazon)

Gangsters, Big Bands, Adventure & History - All in One Story

This is a page turning adventure/history-mystery set mainly in 1940 Los Angeles County and Santa Catalina Island. The fast-paced plot is balanced with accurate and interesting descriptions of people, places and things. If you are looking for a "good read", this book fills the bill.

~James Howell (Amazon)

Get Immersed!

Like other H.P. Oliver books, this one is filled with suspense and action. The additional benefits include getting immersed in the days of the Big Band era, learning how musicians think and feel about their craft, what life on the road to success was really like, and the cold hard facts of how gangsters impacted the lives of honest as well as crooked citizens. The research of facts, places and people must have been painstaking, with the result that the reader can truly feel immersed in the good old days of the 40's. If you love Big Bands, you will enjoy this read. If you want to know more about the mob guys, you will feel it and learn it. If you want to become involved with some very interesting characters you will do so and remember them as real people even when the book is done. The news clippings that are part of the story will tie it all up into a very believable tale. Great escape, great read.

J. Phelps (Amazon)

Fantastic Read!

Loved, loved, loved this book! I've read all of H.P. Oliver's books and short stories and this one was one of my favorites. Being a huge fan of the 40's this book fit me so well. I love music from back then and this book was all about the music. It had a great plot that left you wondering what will happen next. Not only that, twists and turns occur throughout the story that leave you sitting there saying "wow, did that just happen?" It was fantastic. Not to mention, no story from the 40's is complete without gangsters. Gangsters, action, romance, music, and a well written storyline. I definitely recommend this book to anyone who is a fan of Oliver or even a fan of anything related to the 40's.

Shae (Amazon)