Goodnight, San Francisco

Nineteen-thirty-seven was a hell of a year in the news business. Among the major stories: Japan invaded China, Amelia Earhart started out on her 'round-the-world flight, the Hindenburg blew up, and the people of San Francisco were listening to the crime story of the decade on their radios. The man they were all listening to was Parker Atkins.

Driving home from a late-night poker game on the lonely coast highway, radio news reporter Parker Atkins witnesses the hit-and-run murder of young, well dressed woman. When Atkins learns she is the granddaughter of San Francisco's richest shipping magnate, he senses a major news story in the making and sets out to find the woman's killer.

But the deeper Atkins digs, the stranger the case becomes. At the bottom of it all he uncovers a bizarre blackmail scheme concocted by a gang of cold-blooded killers. Matters suddenly go from bad to worse when the love of Atkins' life is kidnapped with the dead woman's sister. With only hours to go before the ransom deadline and the certain deaths of the two women, Atkins' search for the killers becomes a race against the clock.

As a decorated former LAPD homicide detective, Parker Atkins has the skills to solve the mystery and save the kidnapped women, but as a former drunk, does he have the nerve to see it through? A bloody climax in the wild back country of Marin County tells the tale. Goodnight San Francisco is classic H. P. Oliver from start to finish!