What have you got yourself into this time, Major Spicer?

It's WW II and Major Johnny Spicer is getting another plum Military Intelligence assignment. Except that Johnny's assignments never turn out to be plums for long. This time he's sizing up security on Catalina Island, where a new hush-hush facility is being built and a radar station is already in operation. Easy-peasy, right? Foggy mornings, bright sunny afternoons with the cool ocean breezes. Watching the buffalo roam. Lots of time to enjoy one of California's prime vacation spots. Well, at least it was before the war.

The problem is that the Japs know something is up, they want to know a lot more and the security has more holes than a block of swiss cheese! Major Spicer has his hands full this time, fighting for his life almost as soon as he arrives on the island. It's almost like the enemy knows he's there and they have a major grudge to settle with him. What did Johnny ever do to deserve this much attention? [Check out some of Johnny's other adventures like 'Payback' and 'S.N.A.F.U.' to find out!]

The fast-paced action and destruction lead Johnny north to Seattle where more bullets are waiting for him as he tries to root out a nest of spies! Will he be able to stay alive long enough to help shore up the security and protect the island from Japanese saboteurs? If the snipers don't get him, the 'Jake' machine gun bullets might!

Johnny races against time to get the Coast Guard and the Army to boost their security before someone else gets killed. Riding along with Johnny may be hazardous to your health, but it's never dull!

~Gary Alan Henson

Fast-Paced WWII Mystery

JAKE is now my favorite Johnny Spicer caper, a fast-paced engaging World War II mystery starting in Los Angeles and moving on to Catalina Island…a wondrous location in itself. As usual, H.P. Oliver explores the history of the areas during WWII, and adds in some cool warplanes and ships. I found myself using satellite views of the island to identify the remains of some areas described in the book – for example, Camp Cactus.

After a terrifying attack by the Japanese on the island, the adventure heads to the Seattle area and develops into an exciting encounter with Japanese spies. HPO has created a great story that pulls you in and keeps the pages turning with lots of plot twists and interesting history interspersed.

Johnny’s character evolution over the Spicer series has made the character all the more enjoyable in each new book. In this story his girlfriend, Susan Jackson, has increased prominence and is more assertive, while still humorously keeping Johnny in check at times. Throughout the story, subtle humor adds some smiles and the action sequences are well executed.

I thoroughly enjoyed the book, and recommend it to current Spicer fans and encourage new readers to give him a try. The eight-book Spicer series covers detective noir to an officer in war, with interesting history always interwoven in the stories.

~LV Reader

As I Have Said Before . . .

As I have said before . . . many times before, this story is the best one yet!!! I'm finally coming down off my reading high and am reliving all the thrilling moments!!! I love HP's Mysteries in History! Even though I'm Baby Boomer and remember a lot of the stories my Daddy would tell about the Pacific war I still learn new things from these books. I know this is the concluding book in the Trilogy, but I sure wish there were more coming down the pike! When I get finished reading the new book but I'm always looking forward to reading the next brain child before too long. This is my Covid-cure shot in the arm!!! I'm eager for the next booster shot!

Thanks to HP for making 2020 now bearable!

~Diana S. Johnson