Just home from his PACIFICA caper in San Francisco, Johnny Spicer comes face-to-face with a baffling mystery from history right in his own backyard. Spicer's second novel, REVOLVER, is a classic Hollywood who dunnit with an all-star cast. Here's a preview of what you can expect when you read REVOLVER:

There's trouble on the Warner Bros. Burbank lot. Someone is sabotaging the production of a new film and Jack Warner isn't happy about it. He hires Hollywood gumshoe Johnny Spicer to find the culprit.

At first the problems are relatively minor--a can of freshly-shot film is destroyed and a small fire breaks out on the back lot during a shoot. Then the situation turns deadly as the film's leading man is nearly killed by a Klieg light dropped from the rafters of Sound Stage Fifteen.

Just when it seems like matters can't get any worse, the film's leading lady disappears without a trace. She's last seen having dinner with a girlfriend at Barney's Beanery out on Route 66 in West Hollywood. Soon thereafter the friend is found dead in her apartment. Now Johnny has a murder case on his hands.

With damned few clues to go on, Spicer's hunt for the killer has him traipsing from one end of Los Angeles County to the other and on a high-speed auto chase through Long Beach and up the Pacific Coast Highway. Still the identity of the culprit eludes him.

When Spicer finally does get a break in the case, it's almost too late. The killer is already taking deadly aim at his next victim!

Johnny Spicer's firsthand account of the action ends in a dizzying rollercoaster ride to a deadly, irony-filled climax. REVOLVER will keep you guessing right along with Spicer until the final thrilling chapters!