Excellent mystery.

Well written mystery. Well detailed as to the time and place. I plan on reading the rest of Mr. Oliver's books. (With the appropriate Noir period jazz playing in the background, of course.)

~Charles Potter

Hollywood noir crime mystery is packed with fun and action!

Parker T. Atkins is back in the thick of the Hollywood jungle! It was just a routine crime report that blossomed into a frantic search for a serial killer. Park puts his life on the line again, even though he's constantly reminded that his days as a detective as supposed to be over!

Another great Hollywood noir thriller featuring one of my favorite characters!

Join the fun and the danger of yesteryear, when uttering the words 'cell phone' and 'DNA testing' would have given you a blank stare.

~Gary Alan Henson

So Long, L A

As if the close call with his life in "Goodnight San Francisco" wasn't enough, cop turned Crime Reporter Parker Atkins finds himself solving yet another mystery in "So Long L.A.". A routine story coverage leads our hero to the dark side of the entertainment industry. Fiction and fact intermingle with each other in this story right down to familiar famous names. H. P. Oliver weaves his fictional story around a famous Hollywood unsolved death. Who is it? To tell you would spoil the mystery for you. A good read that will entertain you from start to finish.

~Lucy Ortiz

SO LONG, LA demonstrates why H.P. Oliver is a great storyteller.

SO LONG, LA is H.P. Oliver’s 10th book, the second with San Francisco radio news reporter Parker Atkins as the lead character. The continuation of the Atkins character, and the recurring supporting characters, is a good move by HPO. Atkins’ backstory is one of a successful LAPD Detective, then a drunk and disgraced detective and now with an evolving career as a sober and intelligent radio news reporter. I hope there are more Atkins books in the future.

SO LONG, LA begins in southern California, and from the first sentence, at the scene of a double murder, HPO captured my attention, and the story quickly develops. The scene of a murder is only a diversion, the book is clearly about gambling ships anchored three miles off the coast, and the LA District Attorney “was going to bring the evil-doers to justice and put an end to their nefarious activities.”

HPO takes us inside the gambling ship business, and my interest was piqued, an excellent overview. Then . . .someone jabs a gun in Parker Atkins’ back, and a struggle for survival commences.

Atkins’ survives the struggle, swallows some aspirin, and the search for his assailant takes us off on a different adventure. The former LAPD detective, and now radio news reporter, utilizes both skillsets and continues to find more clues that lead to identifying his assailant, a serial killer with a grudge. The chapter one double murder is back in play.

HPO leads us through historic southern and northern California, his well-researched locations and language usage place the reader into 1938. The details conveyed in the text expertly paint the architecture, vehicles and locales in the reader’s mind. In addition, while reading every HPO book, I keep a browser tab opened to the author’s “Visualizations” page for the book. Illustrated excerpts reinforce what my mind visualizes. Really a nice touch by HPO – thank you, sir.

Some mysteries end when the bad guys are captured, dead, or disappeared. SO LONG, LA continues past what could have been the climatic end. Throughout the story, Atkins deals with tumultuous professional and personal difficulties while searching for the serial killer. HPO smoothly winds the story down; we know how Atkins stands, the gambling ship resolution from the beginning of the book and what happens with the serial killer.

The story flows smoothly, has terrific dialogue and it kept me engaged.


I Can't Believe HP Did It Again!

From the moment this story hit my Kindle I was off on another thrilling ride. The synopsis he gives is a great starting point for what's about to put you on another heart pounding read! It doesn't hurt to go to HP's website to view the video and visualizations he has so thoughtfully provided to enhance your reading experience. I literally could not put it down! I doubt you'll be able to either. Happy, stimulating reading!

~Diana S Johnson