This story kept me interested from beginning to end.

I enjoyed this book because it was magical the way every thing just seemed to fit together. Reading a story like this made me happy!

~Sharon Kersting

Excellent Johnny Spicer thriller!

Another great Johnny Spicer detective novel, only this time Johnny has joined the Army's MID (Military Intelligence Division), chasing the bad guys around the globe! I'm a big fan of this author's 1940's gumshoe and his portrayal of the '40s era in LA.

Highly recommended!

~Gary Alan Henson

Johnny Spicer goes to war.

My favorite Hollywood Private Investigator brings his no nonsense approach to the war against Japan and Germany as a member of the U.S. military, with the same intensity and sense of humor as he did his in personal cases.

Once again H. P. Oliver has written a page turner full of spies, double agents and espionage. Set at the very outbreak of the United States involvement in WWII, this time Johnny Spicer is up against the Axis forces.

Another fine novel by H. P. Oliver.

~Les Cook

Great Story!

He writes a fast pace, lots of action. Oliver writes very good informational historical story. Very believable. Not too much sex.

~Amazon Customer

Fast paced WWII story--my favorite HPO novel to date

S.N.A.F.U starts at a fast pace and continued to hold my attention throughout the story. It was hard to put down, and I forced myself to take a break every little while. Just prior to the United States entering the Second World War, Johnny Spicer is recalled to the Army Military Intelligence Division as a Major, closing his Investigation Agency to serve our country on the home front. I have read many books about the war in Europe and the Pacific, and S.NA.F.U. is an interesting foray into fighting the war at home.

While investigating the Japanese’s theft of new American technology, a prototype optic called Ocuscope, he enters World War II flying into Hickam Field while the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, narrowly escaping from his crashed B-17.

After successfully recovering the prototype in Hawaii and returning it to the mainland, Johnny works with the manufacturer to secure the factory from further espionage. However, a traitor enables the Nazi’s to obtain the Ocuscope, and Johnny embarks on a fast paced adventure on land, sea and in the air. He leads a team of Army and Coast Guard members, including his girl friend’s brother, US Coast Guard Lieutenant Orville (Jack) Jackson, in pursuit of the traitor, Nazi’s and the Ocuscope.

HP Oliver brings the adventure to life with period character’s dialogue, his usual historic details, this time involving blimps, planes, ships, submarines and weapons, along with his typically colorful descriptions of the period’s geographic references and landmarks, and of course automobiles and food. Johnny does know the best places to grab lunch or dinner. The research involved had to be painstaking.

I appreciate HPO’s tradition of using “Visualization” on his fan site, using book excerpts and period photos to enhance the story telling. Don’t cheat and read the whole thing now – follow along as you read, it is entertaining and sometimes educational. If you want to get an overview of the story, also check out the video on the fan site.

Johnny has developed from prior books, still has flair, but also more professionalism, befitting his military rank. In addition, several times the story seemed ready to end, and then kept evolving. As mentioned above, I consciously had to decide, put the book down, “Stop here, this is a good spot. Go to bed”.

This is my favorite HPO book to date, well done. I hope you enjoy it!


Another Movie in the Making

The book came out and I read it fast—as if I were greedy for the next word, the next action, the final solution. I must remember to savor the good things in life, so I will go back and read S.N.A.F.U. again. This time a chapter at a time so I can appreciate: the way the Major thinks, plans and delivers; appreciate the height of the tallest peak of Catalina Island or the height of the Golden Gate Bridge; and, to see what other of the infinite details that I know I shimmed over.

World War II changed everything. There was a reserve about the way people acted, spoke and expected society to behave. The reserve is a wonderful thing to appreciate—especially in how H.P. Oliver writes about the prewar era. There was a reserve and even complacency the reader experiences that is shattered by Pearl Harbor, sabotage, spies and the consuming chase to get the bad guy.

Mr. Oliver writes a good yarn about a time long gone and makes it real, alive and engaging. I find it interesting the way he engages the reader’s imagination in seeing colors of cabs and signs, the smell of Chinese spices, and tastes of strong java. I hope my review encourages others to savor the read and enjoy historical sites and sounds of prewar California. is


Wow! That Was Fun!

This caper is the most exciting yet! Non-stop action from the gitgo! I do so love the avalanche of thrilling events as the story unfolds. I also enjoy trying to figure out who Johnny is after and just how is he going to nail the perpetrators.

H. P. always delivers his best! Thanks for another rousing success!!!

~Diana S. Johnson