S. N. A. F. U.

In Johnny Spicer's fourth novel-length caper, H. P. Oliver's irreverent Hollywood private eye goes to war.  Days before the US enters WWII, Spicer is called back to active duty with his old outfit, the Army's Military Intelligence Division.

But Major Spicer's war isn't being fought in Europe or on remote islands in the south Pacific. No, his war is on homeland soil against enemies who don't wear uniforms. There are no tanks rumbling through the streets of L A or ships lobbing shells at the Golden Gate from 20 miles out at sea. Still, Spicer knows full well his war is just as deadly as the battlefields of France or the Pacific.

Spicer's assignment: Hunt down a pair of Nazi espionage agents before they can deliver a top-secret Navy gizmo they've stolen to the Fatherland. Succeeding at his mission will save thousands of lives. Failure could help Hitler win the ultimate victory in Europe.

Desperate to get out of the US with their prize, the Nazis spies lead Spicer on a wild ride from Los Angeles' sprawling harbor to a tiny, secluded bay on California's rugged northern coast. Along the way Spicer flies smackdab into history aboard a B-17, takes a harrowing voyage with the US Coast Guard, and helps sink a German submarine from a Navy blimp. Yeah, a blimp.

S.N.A.F.U.* is a well-crafted mystery - thriller that puts you squarely in the thick of things and keeps you guessing whether or not Spicer can outsmart the evil enemies of democracy—a page-burner to the very end.

*S.N.A.F.U. is a World War II military acronym for "Situation Normal, All Fouled Up."