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The Truth Be Told
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A real treat!

The story follows a television writer who gets pulled into a mystery that has intrigued the world for 7 decades. H.P. Oliver fantastically combines the elements mentioned above to create a fascinating world and an original novel. The pace is quick, and the twists and turns aplenty, and despite the story being strongly based around the tragic death of Hollywood hopeful Peg Entwistle, Oliver manages to rewrite history in a clever way.

Another important thing to note is how careful and intricate the details of 1932’s Hollywood are, so much so that it is almost as if you are there. The visuals presented allow for an immersive and exciting reading experience, as if the author himself travelled back in time as part of his research. The story is intriguing and also easy to read what-if story. H.P. Oliver’s research and investigation into the Peg Entwistle case almost makes you wonder if circumstances like this were possible, and wonder about all the possible scandals that Hollywood covered up, which we will never know about!

For fans of the Golden age of Hollywood, who often find themselves reaching out for something more, I highly recommend this novel. I, myself am a fan of old film, myths and scandals of Hollywood and the paranormal – so this is a real treat! This is my first time reading a piece by the author, and I will definitely be checking out his other works as I could not give my kindle app a break while reading The Truth Be Told! 5 STARS.


The Truth Be Told

I found this book to be an entertaining departure from what I thought Oliver wrote about. Oh, the wonderful descriptions of the places and scenes of Los Angeles in the 1930's are still there, they are just tinged with a little bit of the supernatural.

It's nice to see someone write about Peg Entwhistle as she truly was and not some depressed wanna be, who never had any success

~Les Cook

An enjoyable read

A bit predictable, but an entertaining and enjoyable read.

~Charles Potter

I love a good mystery

I love a good mystery, especially when there's a ghost involved. I enjoyed all the facts about old Hollywood. The 1930s was a totally different time in Hollywood apparently and since I also love history, I was fascinated by the places I could picture in my head. This was a visit to old tinsel town in its heyday.


Thought Provoking Action

Hollywood police may have missed one. The old is new again. Reminds me of a Star Trek TOS episode involving a "Seven". Was interesting because I have some experience in the matter. See for yourself! You decide!

~Diana S. Johnson

The Truth Is...This Book Is One Compelling Read!

THE TRUTH BE TOLD is the first H.P. Oliver title I’ve read, and it was a thoroughly engrossing read from start to finish. In fact, my reading experience was so enjoyable, I was motivated to download several of his other works while still finishing this one! I happen to be a huge fan of classic films and Hollywood history, so I was especially captivated by this intriguing tale that follows a clever and curious screenwriter’s adventure to uncover the truth behind a Hollywood mystery. But it is not a requirement to be a fan of classic cinema or a history buff to appreciate what is simply a well-constructed, compelling story in an alluring setting…Tinseltown.

H.P. Oliver does a skillful job weaving nuggets of Hollywood history throughout this stimulating blend of mystery and suspense with unexpected nuances of romance. He has a real knack for creating believable characters and I suspect, like me, other readers will find themselves invested in them early on in the story. The author also provides readers a bonus tool to enhance their reading experience with visualizations featured at his website that showcase many of the places and people featured in the book. This really helps fill in the rest of the picture, especially for those of us who are more visual and can explore them in tandem with reading the story.

I strongly recommend this book to anyone looking for a fascinating and absorbing read, and one in which you’re likely to leave a little smarter than you arrived.

~C. Kuhn

Peg Entwhistle

History, Ghosts, Mystery,Time Travel, Romance. This book has everything. I really appreciate Mr Oliver's vast knowledge of Hollywood history. And he tells a good story!

~Disney Diva

Early Hollywood and Film Noir

Many years ago, I went into Kepler's and asked the clerk if she could recommend authors to me--mystery books were new to me and did not know where to begin. With her direction I read Hammett (The Thin Man), Earl Stanley Gardener, Rex Stout (Nero Wolfe), Earl Derr Biggers (Charlie Chan) and then branched out to many other great writers. "The Truth Be Told" fits in with many of my very first and best experiences in reading detective fiction. I appreciate the darkness and short sentences that describe so much. This story takes readers back to a very old Hollywood mystery and the conclusion is so much more believable than case file.


The Truth Be Told

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, as it contained several elements that are of interest to me, e.g., mystery, and old Hollywood. The story kept me turning the page, anxious to see what would happen to the characters next. I was pleased with the explanation of what caused the mysterious happenings and with the resolution of the mystery.

~Jane A. Marsh

A Book You Can't Put Down

A friend highly recommended The Truth Be Told by HP Oliver and I owe her for that recommendation. The Truth Be Told is a great read - it captured me and transported me into the world of the main characters (present day and 1930s Hollywood) and kept me there throughout the book. The book takes an unusual twist, but I was very much along for the ride. I found that I really cared about the main characters - it was like I actually knew them - and I was sorry when I reached the last page. If you like history, Hollywood, an intriguing mystery, and a book hard to put down, you'll love The Truth Be Told. I can't wait to see more from this author!


An intriguing trip to old Hollywood

Peg Entwistle, a struggling young actress in the `30s, gained notoriety not for her acting skill, but for being the first person to die by falling from the famous Hollywood sign - presumably taking her own life because of her failing career. Although it gets off to a bit of a slow start, The Truth Be Told takes you back in time with an attention to detail that makes you feel like you're really there. The author has done his homework and obviously has an intimate knowledge of Hollywood's rich history. Offering a plausible and compelling alternative explanation to a long-ago event that might have been too quickly attributed to a convenient assumption, The Truth Be Told will have you wondering if perhaps Peg's truth is indeed finally being told.

~Mississippi Ms

An Interesting Twist

The Truth Be Told is a book that provides the reader with a glimpse of Hollywood today and all the way back to the early 30's, and the reader can visualize nearly exactly what the author has described in vivid detail. Along the way the main characters living in present day Hollywood evolve through a complex relationship further complicated by the events that surrounded Peg Entwhistle's death in 1932.

A friend of mine read the book before I started reading and I was warned of a surprise plot twist midway through the book. While reading through the early chapters, I tried to determine what the twist would be. The author sucked me in and I never saw it coming. Nicely done, sir. The book moves along in an entertaining and authoritative manner early on the first day I started reading, and then becomes a book I could not put down until I finished, literally. All of the above plus the author's attention to small details throughout the book and a satisfying plausible ending make this book a must read for mystery fans looking to expand their list of favorite authors.


The Truth Be Told

I just finished reading this book and I thought it was really great. The author packs a lot into this fast-paced mystery: Hollywood history (lots), ghosts, time travel, noir, and romance. It's especially fun for anyone who's lived in or visited Hollywood because the author sucks you right into the neighborhoods - now and in 1932. His descriptions, in color of course, of walking along Franklin, Vine and Van Ness Streets in 1932 make you feel like you are really there. Hollywood in 1932 was not black and white! Read this awesome, cinematic mystery before Hollywood destroys it by turning it into a movie.


History With a Twist

The author does a great job of blending Hollywood history with his own creative storyline. I found myself looking things up on the internet to verify what was real and what was fiction. Very descriptive of the places, times, and people. History buffs interested in the Hollywood of the '30s will be especially interested in this one, although it's a worthwhile read even if that isn't your interest.


The Truth Be Told

Vivid scenes of old Hollywood combined with a mystery that twists and turns its way into the past kept me reading well into the night. The author's attention to detail is amazing! You can picture every street corner and building as it was back in the 30's as if you were right there. Loved the storyline but I'd recommend this to anyone interested in the history of Hollywood's early days.


Transported to Classic Hollywood

The Truth Be Told takes you back in time to old Hollywood with an attention to detail that makes you feel like you're there. The pace might seem a little slow at first, but the author has done his homework and shares his knowledge and love of Hollywood's rich history with the reader as the story progresses. Based on the facts, the author has developed a plausible and compelling alternative explanation to an actual event that perhaps was given little thought at the time it occurred. Maybe Peg Entwhistle's truth really is being told at last, but you can decide for yourself.

~SuzBook (Barnes & Noble)

Great first novel!

Really liked this book! Good knowledge of Hollywood landmarks...puts the reader right there! Liked the unexpected plot twist. Hope there are more to come from this author!

~shakespearemlr (Barnes & Noble)

More Than History

I do not read "history" books. Rather, I like to be entertained with an escape that involves a bit of mystery, sometimes romance, and if I get to learn some history, then all the better. This book delivers an absorbing and adventurous read while including a visit to the past of Hollywood. What other reviewers are not stressing is that the story is just a great read for the story line itself! Even if you are not a history buff, or a particular fan of the olden days of Hollywood, you will still be enthralled with the story. You will be drawn in, will care about the characters, and probably will not guess the ending ahead of time. The history you learn or absorb is a bonus. It is a great read, and you will not want to put it down until it has ended. When you finish, you will miss the world it involved you in. Isn't that what a great read is all about?

~J. Phelps