Winging IT

New Lasky-Paramount director William Wellman hires his longtime friend and comrade in arms, Eddie Markham to serve as an accuracy consultant on the film WINGS. Markham was a decorated pilot in The Great War and went on to be come a popular novelist during the 1920s.

While the cast and crew are filming in San Antonio, Texas, a daring attack is made on the film's leading lady, Clara Bow. Markham reacts just in time to save her life and the shocked Miss Bow becomes emotionally attached to Markham. For this reason Markham is asked to escort Clara Bow back to California.

When Miss Bow is attacked a second time a day or two later Markham becomes her protector and they go into hiding. During this nightmarish ordeal they fall in love--a romance that changes movie history forever.

WINGING IT is a romance, an action packed thriller, and a suspense-filled mystery all rolled into one epic motion picture saga told as only H. P. Oliver could tell it. Pass through the legendary Paramount Studios Bronson gate and meet the movie makers. Visit the Hollywood hot spots that made Tinsel Town the glamour capital of the world.

It's all here in a style and of a quality seldom seen since the stories of Raymond Chandler and Dashiell Hammett. If you are a period mystery fan, it doesn't get any better than this!