Welcome to the Writer's Notebook section of my website. While the content here is primarily intended for my fellow writers, everyone is welcome to browse this section of the site. As you can tell from the "To Do List" menu in the banner at the top of this page, the notebook currently includes three sections.

The THOUGHTS section is a collection of comments and ideas about writing, mostly from history's most successful authors, although a few are my own ideas. In total, they offer some alternative ways of thinking about our craft you may find interesting.

My RESOURCES section consists of Internet research links for writers. The majority of the resources delve into history because I write historical fiction and because period novels generally require more in-depth research. There are, however, many links to modern and more general resources. There is also a list of writing resources for such topics as style and grammar. I trust you will find these resources as useful as I have.

OUR CRAFT is where you'll find short essays about the business of writing. These articles are based on my thoughts and observations during thirty-plus years as a writer. I have included them in the Writer's Notebook for those who seek alternative points of view on the craft of writing and our roles in it.

It is my intention to update and expand the notebook as ideas for additional content occur to me. For that reason it would be a good idea to check back from time to time or keep an eye on my Twitter posts for announcements about new additions.

Thanks for visiting the notebook!

H. P.